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We offer holistic, personalised face to face and online coaching programs as well as mobile personal training, yoga and massage sessions created to provide you with the tools, assistance and support you need to reach your goals and overhaul your lifestyle, or Noosa holiday!


"I had never been a gym goer. I had tied a few times but never stuck at it. Being on the other side of 50 I decided I really needed to do something. I started a round of PT sessions with Josie. She must have super powers because she somehow got me to love it for the first time in my life!!.. And it's been a year! Not only is Josie an extremely knowledgeable and professional PT she is the most caring human and makes training fun. I actually can't recommend her highly enough.”
~Katrina Stockman

“Josie taught me and worked with me to get back on my feet following a diagnosis of left and right osteoarthritis and a torn meniscus. Training with Josie to strengthen the muscles have helped eliminate pain and function like I was before. Josie's knowledge and understanding of the human body is enormous. I can truly recommend her as a great trainer.”
~ Anastazija Kapudija.

Put simply, we love what we do and stories like these above are our 'WHY'.