Meet Our Team


Qualified Personal Trainer, Performance Nutrition Coach and Gymnastics Coach. I enjoy food, sport and creative spaces. I am an achiever, a dreamer, a creator, a leader, a giver, a supporter, a lover and a fighter.
I am grateful everyday for the beautiful part of the world in which we live in and for being able to make a difference every day.

'Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage' - Anais Nin  



Qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates
Loves to work out & loves her Clients to work just as hard.

She can't say no to social events especially if it means going out for a boogie!

Enjoys a Friday evening by Noosa River listening to local bands whilst the kids run around.

"Live everyday as if it were the last"


“If it’s to be then it is up to me” is Candice's quote she constantly derives empowerment from.

Candice’s love for expression, authenticity, creativity, spirituality and the intelligence of the body has her history of work in not only Yoga facilitation but also acting, movement, vocals and embodiment work.

Whatever level you are at on the mat, Candice will meet you there, holistically - to not only strengthen your body, but mind & soul too, that are undeniably intertwined.


A healer, fearless, loyal & confident individual that has a thirst for knowledge.

Will never admit to a weakness as it then becomes a focal point but in Claudines words will turn to "moosh" over a brand new baby.

Claudine has the luxury of once being a Chef, bringing home a zest for cooking at home.

 "Worry is nothing more than a misuse of your imagination"


A lover of all things creativity, personal growth, organisation, socialising & being a Mother to my boys.
Has such a zest for living a happy & healthy balanced life in the beautiful Noosa.
"If you can be anything in this world, be kind"